viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

Restaurante Luis in Coson, the true native experience of Las Terrenas

When you come to Las Terrenas if its your first time you would expect a little town with only pristine beaches and nature. But when you are really into the deeps of LT then you realize that is the truly BOBO* encounter. A place where food, wine, rum and arts enthusiasts gather, some to inspire themselves others to enjoy the best of it. All congregated in one single place, for instance gastronomy is a rich melange of exotic things that comprehends the best from about 14 different etnies living and sharing all together in a 12,000 population community.

When speaking about the best experience there is not just the best but many little best experiences within the big pictures of LT town. This is the case of Restaurante Luis in the Coson beach area which is located in the north part of LT where the beach gets more wavy and roughter. This is a personal consideration, but I truly believe that Luis is the most native gastronomic experience that you will find here. From the begining when you get there the whole ambiance envolve you, rustic decor or non decor at all give the feeling of something simple but with a secret inside, and it has it! the charm of the boys that attends or Luis itself who is cooker, waiter, manager, owner and the soul of the place relax you in a way of believing that you are home.

Come and seek your food is what Luis says, check what we have available for the day and decide how you want it prepare. After, go relax by the wavy beach or sit to sip some piña coladas in the pineapple itself with alcohol please! the food preparation will last what ever it takes your relax time by the beat or by the massage cabin that they also have over there. When food comes you find your table filled with local dishes that goes from the popular Dominican Tostones* to the also popular rice and beans, salad, and the best natural French fries that you can find around. Finishing all that its a hard job but someone has to do it! one of the best parts of the experience is the price, when the bill arrives you see that it is a bargain considering all that I mentioned above. The only thing is, bring cash!

Restaurante Luis in Coson beach, a must while hanging around Las Terrenas...

A la sante, or what is the same, cheers!

Bon apetit.

*BOBO: Denomination for style of living meanin Bohemian Bourgois.
*Tostones: Dominican dish made of fried plantains.

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