sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Journal Jan. the 7th: The birthday of a brother; a dinner of a lifetime!

Each year we see how fast things are going. All kind of news over saturate our non perfect globe, from bad to good, from corruption to justice and from leaks to down breaks on the economy… but behold that not all is bad, it’s also time to plan new things in a just starting year. It’s the perfect time to say hello to a near future and also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends in this life: Monsieur Cyril De Lengaigne, yes, Happy Birthday Brother.

Cyril is one of this guys who will always be as attentive as could possibly be even though hard times are through his head. It’s the kind of person which you can count on when the things get extreme. For this special occasion his partner and friend Miguel Roques A.k.a “Cocay” a small guy with a BIG brain & heart created a special menu.

Before continue with Cyril, let me explain a little bit about Cocay. He is what in our gastronomy world we call a real GOURMANDISE. This guy left a top corporate job in a national bank to follow his dreams… Been a CHEF, some people maybe will call him nuts; I’ll call him passionate and adventurous!!! This two guy’s combination, had give a result called ACENTO’S BISTRO @ PUNTA CANA and this is the place where the seven capital sins find their match ups (sorry Dante).

Back in Cyril’s (because this post its about him jejeje), the menu was totally a surprise and what a SURPRISE… first we started with a nice Black Beans Dip with fresh nachos as entrée; then, for the main course we had a nice 26 Oz. Ox big chops filled with a nice Chocolate sauce, all this served with a beautiful Mascarpone Cheese, Avocado and Pomegranate seed Risotto (simply Y U M M I E). For the dessert, Mrs. De Lengaigne made a Home Milk Caramel Cheese Cake that was THE bomb (sorry Alex, black ball for you my friend). All this accompanied with a chilled cava and as usual, at the end, a nice Robusto with Ecuador wrapper from the Cigs Aficionado guys @ The Palma Real Shopping Center.

Cyril, brother… please have two or three birthdays each year. I don’t mind to repeat this more often. HAVE A GOOD ONE and of course Longue vie a le chef!

Bon appétit et a la prochaine!
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